These are some of the places we have turned to for information and community throughout our twisty-turvy journey. Hopefully these resources will help you too!



FertilitySmarts has EVERYTHING related to infertility - their content covers every fertility related topic you can think of, plus they have pulled together a list of blogs, searchable by topic. We are proud that they have included Magic Science Family, but that's not why they are featured here. This is one of those websites I can lose myself on for hours - highly recommend!

Creating a Family

This organization is huge and provides tons of resources on both fertility and adoption as routes towards starting a family. They also have a radio show that they publish in podcast form. There are so many episodes covering so many topics that I don't subscribe, but I do scroll through the feed every few weeks to download eps that are relevant to us! Word of warning, the sound quality isn't great so it can be hard to hear if you are driving.


Matt & Doree's Eggcellent Adventure

Doree's eggs are old and Matt's sperm is dumb - that's how they describe the basics of their fertility issues. This podcast includes updates on their journey, answers to emails and voicemails, and lots of humor and honesty. The podcast has also spawned a whole community (and a couple sub-communities) on Facebook. The main group is here, and from there you can find a sub-group for people who have successfully had children after fertility struggles, and another folks needing Accountabilibuddies as they try to get and stay healthy during this process.

Gayest Show on Birth

Kate and Karyne are doing reciprical IVF, not because of fertility issues, but because they want to! Warning to those who feel highly emotional about other people's success (which is completely fine): as someone who has been in the thick of infertility for almost two years it can be hard to hear how easy everything is for them. That said, it is also wonderful to hear two women talking about this journey from a queer perspective. They are also huge researchers and have led me to all sorts of articles that I never would have found on my own!

The Longest, Shortest Time

I probably don't even need to include this insanely popular podcast. It covers the entire range of topics related to parenthood, and I've found that it is a great outlet for my obsessive interest in parenthood. (It's a good alternative to getting lost down a Google rabbit hole.) A few episodes that are related to fertility treatment and adoption include: Awkward Adventures in Infertility (Ep 147), The Accidental Gay Parents (5-part series, so far), Babymaking While Queer (Ep 114), and The Longest, Longest Time (Ep 23).


Big, Beautiful, & Pregnant

Yup, I'm bigger. Curvy. Zaftig. I try to be healthy, but my size is my size and it's not going to change significantly in the near future. This can be a scary place to be when you are trying to get pregnant, and Big, Beautiful, & Pregnant is a great resource. It was co-written by an obstetrician and a plus-size mom, so it includes the scientific, medical perspective and personal experiences