Veritaserum (or, PGS results reveal the truth!)


Exciting news! Results have been received and decisions have been made! Today's news is the best news we've gotten so far - 4 out of 5 embryos came back normal (46 chromosomes each), which means we have 4 opportunities to get pregnant!!! Hopefully it only takes one, but it is an incredible relief to know that we have more than one chance. 

We also made a decision on the fibroid question. For now, we are going to leave it in. Ultimately, I decided that the doctor I trust the most is the one who saw the fibroid in person during surgery. All the general risks of surgery were already present, and I had already signed off on letting them remove it even if it meant an overnight hospital stay and a more intense recovery. He measured it, he noted its location, and he decided to leave it there. I'm not exactly confident in the decision - I'm incredibly nervous about how a potential pregnancy will go. But I'm more nervous about the risks of surgery that may not be necessary. So, it stays.

This means that we are starting a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle as we speak! It's Cycle Day 3 and we should be flying out west to do the FET sometime between CD 19 and CD 25. For now, we are in one of those calm, forward-moving phases of infertility treatment - ultrasound, bloodwork, ultrasound, bloodwork, ultrasound, bloodwork done. 

And, for the cherry on top, tomorrow I am calling the adoption agency back to tell them we are ready to move forward with the home study process!!!

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