Ton-Tongue Toffee (or, progesterone makes my tongue swell)


I am officially 5dp5dt! That's not a milestone or anything, it's just a thing I know now. See, the infertility world is full of abbreviations. TTC (Trying to Conceive). TWW (Two Week Wait). I don't really like most of them. I think they reinforce the stigma surrounding infertility - like we shouldn't be talking about this, so let's invent a secret language. But this whole XdpXdt thing is useful because it truly does speed up the descriptor - it stands for 5 days past 5 day transfer (meaning, my embryo was a frozen 5 days after fertilization). Okay, I'll admit it, there is one other that I'm loving right now - PUPO. Any guesses?

Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. That's what I am right now!

Today I had a progesterone test and found that I am low - 12.7. They want me to be at least at 15 and prefer it to be at 20. The numbers mean nothing to me, what matters is that they have officially transitioned me from oral progesterone to the dreaded PIO (another abbreviation!) - Progesterone in Oil. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn. S gave me my first shot tonight and it was surprisingly easy for me, and totally freaked her out. She hates the idea of hurting me and she must have nicked a tiny vessel or something because when she pulled out the needle apparently I started bleeding everywhere! (I couldn't see it - it was behind me...) She's been traumatized all night, but my Facebook communities have assured me that this is normal and have shared hilarious stories of their own "squirters". My concern now is the side effects. Even with just oral progesterone that my body was apparently not absorbing well, I have been a mucus-y mess with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Maybe it's thickening the wrong mucuses. 

The Two Week Wait (9 days in my case) has not been as stressful as I anticipated because we have been keeping incredibly busy. Every moment that we aren't at work or commuting or spending time with friends, we are filling out paperwork to kick off our adoption home study. There is an application and two questionnaires. The questions chug along as you would expect, but then all the sudden they drop a question like, "Check the boxes that describe your parent's/primary caretakers' attitudes about sexuality when you were a child." Whoa there! So we've been cautiously mining our memories and trying to put into words thoughts and feelings we've either never expressed or haven't expressed for decades. I'm extremely curious to see what they choose to follow up on during our interviews and what they make of what we have written.

5 days down, 4 to go! Today I am pregnant.

Calming Draught (or, waiting for a second beta)

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