Potion for Dreamless Sleep (or, no more deep sleep for me)


At some point about four or five weeks ago it happened - my last night of deep, uninterrupted sleep. I don't imagine I will have one of those again for another three or four years, and I missed it! I didn't savor it, note the date, thank my bed and pillow for their comfortable embrace. I took it for granted and now it is gone.

At this point I am 20 weeks - halfway there! I don't have many pregnancy symptoms, positive or negative. I don't have terrible leg cramps or acne or heartburn. But I also can't feel the baby moving and I don't have a bump, just a slightly fatter body. But the one time I do know for sure that I'm pregnant is nighttime. I cannot get comfortable. The rules regarding pregnancy sleep are restrictive, and the exact opposite of how I usually sleep. Plus, when I'm on my side, like I'm supposed to be, my belly stretches and pulls and hurts. This pillow has helped a bit, but it's the 7th pillow in my bed so every time I need to roll over requires extensive tear down and setup. It also wakes up my cat, who then decides she must come cuddle.

The adoption process continues to inch along, although we are in a bit of a lull. The agency wants some additional documentation from us that is proving difficult to collect and we can't sign our home study until it is done. We took one day of the required two-day training and will take the second day in October. We also need to find a First Aid and CPR class, which is a good idea to take either way! The to-do list dwindles every day!

Next up: the anatomy scan - this is where we really get to know what is going on with baby. We haven't seen the little nugget in almost two months because they've only checked for a heartbeat at the last few appointments. The anatomy scan takes about an hour because they diligently measure every part of their body - heart cavities, bone structure, etc. We'll learn more about their expectations for our delivery date and how they think the rest of the pregnancy will go, and we will learn if they find any issues that could be tied to a chromosomal abnormality. At this point we have decided not to do blood tests unless they see physical abnormalities consistent with Down's or other related syndromes. Fingers crossed that everything looks good!

N.E.W.T.s (or, adoption site visit of doom)