N.E.W.T.s (or, adoption site visit of doom)


I can't believe it has been more than a month since I posted - bad blogger! It really is true that pregnancy takes it out of you. I have been so exhausted and sick (but haven't thrown up once!) that that days just slide by without me noticing. Thankfully I have turned a corner in the past few days. The morning sickness has really been reduced to late evening only, or times when I wait way too long to eat (like today!). I'm getting some of my energy back but not quite as much as I hoped to in my 13th week. So far no second trimester energy rush for me.

Ever since the subchorionic hemorrhage in my 6th week, pregnancy has been wildly normal so far. After having my insides examined with concern multiple times a week for months on end, it's kind of weird to go weeks and weeks without appointments! I've officially graduated from the fertility clinic, and apparently from ultrasounds - last time I went to the OB they just did a heartbeat check with the doppler. I miss seeing the little nugget, but I take it to mean that they aren't concerned about anything. I did get one nerve-wracking surprise, which is that the nugget has an increased risk of heart defects not only because IVF babies do, but also because I was born with a heart defect - an atrial septal defect. Not only is the nugget at risk (so we will do a fetal echo-cardiogram somewhere down the line), but they are worried about me too! I have to have an echo-cardiogram myself because they are concerned about the strain on my heard during labor. I graduated from my heart surgeon's office over a decade ago (and my repair surgery was performed in 1987) so I never think about being at risk for anything. Better safe than sorry?

Now, about the N.E.W.T.s - the last interview with the adoption agency went really well. I can't believe we talked through about 40 questions on raising kids with special circumstances, healthy sexual development, child discipline, and more in an hour. But we did! I think our answers may have seemed a little too polished because our case worker reminded us several times that parents don't always know what to do and they don't always make the best choices - that we will need to give ourselves some grace if and when we do behave in ways we wish we hadn't.

Next up - the site visit. We got an extension (thank goodness) so we had one extra weekend. And then our nephew's birthday party was scheduled for the exact time of the visit, so we had to reschedule it for a day earlier, thereby losing the weekend we had gained. So we have 4 days to get our apartment in order - no small task, as I described last month (apartment looks about 90% the same as it did back then). The good news is that I have some more energy than I did a month ago. And that a week from today, good or bad, it will be over.

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