Felix Felicis! (or, FET Day!)


Nerd alert - I've been holding myself back from wielding the Felix Felicis potion, knowing I wanted to use it for my transfer. And that day is today!

Today was an FET sandwich on acupuncture bread. That's right, we did acupuncture at 9:30, then the transfer at 11:45, then more acupuncture at 2 - with the little nugget's first lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant in the area. The FET was more painful than I thought it would be, primarily because my cervix is really far back so anytime anyone needs to access it, from my annual exam to fertility treatment, it hurts. A lot. But they got it done pretty quickly and kept apologizing for the pain as if it were their fault, which was sweet. We transferred a 4AA embryo - the best we had - I was hoping it would look more like the hatching ones I see online but it doesn' yet.

The doctor said that the embryo is just floating around in my uterus right now and will be floating for about 3 days before it is truly stuck. So we are taking it easy and trying not to twist and bend too much. My greatest fear is an ectopic pregnancy so I'm really trying to convince it to stay in the middle. I have a bit of a cold, and every time I cough or sneeze I am convinced it is going to shoot into a tube or get destroyed or something. S keeps telling me to chill, that I'm supposed to be relaxed, and I'm trying. 

Now, we wait. 5 days until a progesterone test, and 9 days until the first pregnancy test. We are looking for an HCG of 5 or above. If we get that, we do another test a couple days later and if the numbers double (at least), then we are pregnant. But my mantra right now, which I have snagged from others online, is, "Today, I am pregnant."

Today, I am pregnant.

Ton-Tongue Toffee (or, progesterone makes my tongue swell)

Expecto Patronum! (or, shield me from stress)