Impedimenta! (or, egg retrieval on Saturday!)


Wow. This whole process inches along, moves at a snail's pace, is slower than molasses in January - all the cliches about slowness that you can think of. Until it doesn't. I can't believe after all this waiting I actually wish things would slow down a tiny bit! This morning was my fourth ultrasound & bloodwork combo and even with my negligible experience with fertility treatment, I know that is the last exam before go time. And to wish me well on my journey, there was a beautiful, fiery red tree - my favorite fall color.

At 4:00 I hadn't heard anything, so I called the clinic. We went back and forth multiple times regarding results that they didn't and then did and then didn't but then DID receive from my monitoring clinic. At 5:28 I'm sitting in the parking lot outside of the acupuncturist on the phone again and I finally manage to convince them that they can tell me the plan - they don't just have to upload it into the Patient Portal and wait for me to find it there. So I found out that my egg retrieval will be on Saturday morning! This means I need to fly out tomorrow, which means I'm not going to work, which means I'm not be going to the pharmacy near work to pick up my prescription sedatives for the retrieval. I tried my hardest to relax during acupuncture but I couldn't stop thinking about flights, hotels, how fast I could make it 30 miles back to the pharmacy before they closed. The computers were down at the pharmacy, of course, so it took 30 minutes to get the prescription.

I didn't get home or eat dinner until 9 and have been running around managing travel logistics ever since. I'm mentally and physically exhausted by this 5 hours of chaos, and I just want to crash. Writing this blog post is my attempt to stay awake until 11:30 so I can take my trigger shot without messing up the whole thing. 46 minutes to go...

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