Calming Draught (or, waiting for a second beta)


Well, we have very exciting news...we think. Our first beta came back positive!!! The doctors told us we wanted an hcg level over 5 - mine was 160.7! That is an awesome number and we are cautiously optimistic and outrageously happy. Our fertility clinic doesn't consider us pregnant until the second beta, which is supposed to take place 48 hours after the first. They want to see the numbers double every 48 hours. Since my first beta fell on a Friday, my second should have been today, Sunday. However, my clinic is closed on Sundays so they are making me wait 96 hours, until Tuesday! My primary care doctor was awesome and put in an order for me to get a beta done at my regular office, but despite my phone call to confirm, and the hours listed on the door, the lab was closed. And so, we continue to wait.

Well, sort of. I have taken a home pregnancy test every day since Friday just to feel some sense of control over the information. They have turned up positive every day. I'm taking that as a really good sign, but I will not be able to fully relax until the second beta. And then the first ultrasound. And the second, third, fourth, and fifth ultrasound. Maybe for the rest of my life? Is that what parenting is?

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