Crucio! (or, traveling for and during IVF is torture)


Well, I made it back in almost one piece from my jaunt to LA. I feel like I'm being incredibly whiny about this whole thing, when I'm actually very fortunate to be able to afford to this at all. If my boss were less understanding, if my wife weren't as supportive, if my parents weren't so generous with their airline miles (and everything else), something as small as re-taking this SIS could have stopped this whole project. But this is my blog, so I get to complain. 

First, the positives:

1) The day before I left I got a call from our adoption agency that we are #1 on the list! They are ready to start the home study process with us!!! They are also incredibly patient and adaptable, and are letting us hang out at this #1 place for a few weeks so we can do our last retrieval and get our PGS results back before we decide whether to move forward now or go back to the end of the line.

2) During my 12 hours in LA I got to go to an Indian restaurant that is my fave because they serve chicken tikka masala and kheer at their lunch buffet, and I spent an hour at the beach. 

Loved every moment of those two activities. Now, for the torture:

1) LA traffic sucks and medical offices are notoriously slow and/or behind, so you have to give yourself way more time than you need, right? As such, I took the earliest flight there and the latest flight back, only to find that on this particular day there was no traffic in LA and the doctors were ahead of schedule (doesn't sound like torture, but I could have gone home hours earlier and not needed to contend with Tortuous Item #3).

2) The SIS hurt. It HURT. I have a huge (5.7 cm) fibroid, and the doctor said the amount of pain I seemed to be in was an indicator that it might pose a problem for a pregnancy even though it's not in the uterine cavity. I didn't want to say this, but what if I just have a low tolerance for pain? How can anyone know whether their tolerance is higher or lower than others? Either way, I've been scheduled for a consult with their expert surgeon to see if he recommends removing it or not - which will make this the fourth doctor who gives me a recommendation on this very question (none of whom agree with each other, see posts here and here).

3) This part was the worst, and I know I'm not alone in dreading and hating this - I had to do my Menopur and Gonal-F injections in the public restroom at LAX. Menopur involves mixing saline into the powder, which is usually S' job so it was my first time doing that. I had a giant air bubble that I could not get out no matter how hard I tried. I called S in tears, completely out of my mind, and she wisely suggested simply squirting it all back in the vial and pulling it out again. I can't imagine what my fellow travelers thought of this blubbering mess with alcohol swabs and vials and needles and pants rolled down at the waist. *Shudder* Never again. Never. Again.

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