Portkey Wanted (or, flying to LA for an SIS)


It has been a strange start to our last egg retrieval cycle. But before I get into that I do want to give a quick update on the adoption side of things. When we signed on to the waiting list at our agency, we were #20 - this meant #20 until we could start all of the actual work - the home study, classes, etc. I decided that I would not email them again until 2018. I waited until the very end of the day on January 1st as if that would make me seem less desperate, and I emailed. The next morning, I got the most casual, quick email back: "You are currently #3 on the waiting list." #3! I WISH I COULD CAPITALIZE #3 BUT I CAN'T! (NUMBER THREE! There it is.) This takes all of the pressure off this last retrieval, the PGS testing, the transfers. Either way, we are so much closer being parents!

About our current cycle. I'm feeling pretty "taken-down-a-peg," which I deserve. I went into this cycle with so much swagger. It's my third round, and I figured it would go exactly like the last two rounds. Pshhhh. First, I started spotting with 4 days left in my birth control pack. I have never spotted in my life so I have no frame of reference for how good, bad, or completely neutral that is. What it ultimately meant was that I started my period right away after I stopped the pills, rather than having a couple days in between. I think this might be why on Cycle Day 3 my estradiol and FSH levels were super low - the clinic actually called me to make sure I had stopped the birth control because it seemed it did not leave my system. I'm hoping this won't mess up the whole timeline, but I won't know until the next monitoring appointment on Thursday. Which brings me to...Thursday.

On Thursday, I am flying to LAX at 8am, renting a car, driving to my clinic, doing my monitoring appointment, having an SIS (Saline Infused Sonogram), driving back to LAX, returning the car, and flying home at 9:30pm. Why am I pulling this ridiculous stunt? Well, my last SIS was over a year ago, which means it has expired and I need to retake it before I can do an transfers. My outside monitoring clinic - which, by the way, is internationally renowned - does not do this test. Does. Not. Do. This. Test. This is meaningless to you if you don't live in infertility world, but if you do, you must be as stunned as I am - this is one of the most popular tests to help diagnose infertility issues. It allows doctors to see the entire uterine cavity to make sure it is a hospitable environment for an embryo. Anyway, the other clinic in my area wanted to charge me $1,300 to do the test - so I will be saving about $500 by flying 1,000 miles to do this test. Fertility treatment is nucking futs.

Crucio! (or, traveling for and during IVF is torture)

Time Turner #1 (or, Chapter 1 of our Infertility Journey)