Aguamenti! (Or, douse those hot flashes!)


So I've now spent two straight weeks on loads and loads of Menopur and my poor little follicles (follicle, if we're being honest) are still not big enough. Today I was assigned two more Menopur-filled nights before another check-up. Overall it hasn't been too bad, just agonizingly long. I have been pretty luck in the side effect world. All I've felt have been hot flashes. Like, never-ending hot flashes. Flash implies it's there and then it's gone but so far I haven't felt much of the 'gone' part of the equation. And I do realize that it has been a hot few weeks, but no one else in my office has needed to go stand in front of the break room refrigerator a couple times a day. 

Something else that has helped move these two weeks along has been exploring the option of traveling to do IVF. We had a consult with Dr. Yelian at Life IVF in Irvine, CA and it was interesting and heartening. I realized about halfway through the call that I had heard Dr. Yelian do an interview about Mini-IVF and Natural IVF on the Creating a Family podcast - it was kind of like seeing someone famous on the street...if you are super nerdy like me. He confirmed what my informal research had suggested. Mini-IVF is probably the best way to go with my Diminished Ovarian Reserve. The total cost of three rounds of Mini-IVF is half of the cost of one round of IVF at my clinic at home (including travel costs), which means a door is open for us that wasn't before.

Obviously we are hoping that this IUI cycle will work, but it feel so good to have the pressure lifted off the cycle. If this doesn't work, we have a plan and it might involve an afternoon at a beach.

Point Me! (or, sperm, please find my egg)

Befuddlement Draught (or, fun with Menopur!)