Befuddlement Draught (or, fun with Menopur!)


The time has finally come! After 15 days on birth control, I went back in for a not-day-3 ultrasound. I'm still not clear on why this works since I was at day 18, but apparently I got the go-ahead. Unfortunately, despite the fact that my appointment was at 7:45am, Nurse M didn't get direction from the Doc until 5:45pm and his direction was, "go." "Go now." I was in an acupuncture appointment with my phone on silent, so Nurse M. left a voicemail. Or two. And two emails. She did absolutely everything she could have done, but I'm still really frustrated with the situation. Because the Doc took so long, I didn't get the opportunity to talk through the steps or ask any questions. S and I went into this weekend completely befuddled.

menopur, syringes, alcohol, needles

I was mostly concerned with doing the injection correctly - the Doc said "in the muscle" (as opposed to subcutaneously, which seems to be the typical way people do Menopur). S was mostly concerned with not throwing up and not hurting me. We watched video after video after video to teach us how to give the injection. Neither of us had a clue that the real adventure would be mixing the stuff to begin with. Now, I know we aren't the first people to mess up their drug mixing. I've seen the desperate posts in forums, and I'm sure such scenes will be depicted in every TV show that includes an infertility story (is it just me, or has TV been slow to pick up on the booming and drama-filled world of infertility treatment?). But I was arrogant. I grew up with diabetics in my family and have drawn insulin from vials, even given shots - I totally had this. 

Or...not. With no oral instructions, demonstrations, or advice, we had a piece of paper with instructions and drawings. Looking back with 24 hours between now and the Incident, I can see that we made two major mistakes. One of them we realized about halfway through and resulted in us having to throw away two vials (or $180). The other I didn't realize until about an hour ago when I watched a YouTube video about how to mix Menopur. Our paper instructions assumed we had a syringe without a needle on it, and simply said to attach the Q-Cap to the vial and the syringe to the Q-Cap! So we went ahead and attached the Q-Cap to the vial, and then stabbed the needle into it. Good times. And now paranoia has kicked in - I'm convinced S must have done the shot wrong because it didn't hurt at all. 

I am reasonably sure that I have approximately the right amount of Menopur in approximately the right part of my body. The best part is that I've got one day down with no side effects. We'll see how long that lasts!

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