Confundo! (or, infertility is confusing...even to doctors)


I can't decide if I am suffering from information overload or information...underload? Today was my appointment with the OBGYN whose office would be performing my second surgery to remove the immortal endometrioma and potentially menacing fibroids. I say "would be" because now I'm even less sure about whether to have it or not. She thinks (like my doctor on the east coast) that the fibroids are no big deal, and that surgery will have minimal impact on my ability to conceive. And, unlike my RE here, she thinks there are risks associated with having this surgery twice and she pretty much scared me out of it.

Every medical professional I talk to has a different opinion on this. It makes me crazy! No one can say with any amount of confidence what will or won't work. Which would be fine, if rolling the dice didn't cost hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Science, the hard kind anyway, is fading as a potential path for us at this point. S thinks I will regret it if we don't at least try IUI a couple times. And once you see the price tag on IVF, IUI starts to feel like spare change from under the couch. So maybe we should just try it and see what happens. Right now I have an email out to my RE to ask what he thinks of this difference in opinion between him and the OBGYN on the fibroids - maybe that was a stupid question to ask him but I did. His answer will most likely add even more confusion and every day my endometriosis grows a little bit more...

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