Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! (or, egg retrievals are better when followed by Disneyland)


Round two is officially in the books. The timing of the cycle worked out exactly the way I wanted, which meant I didn't have to change my plane tickets at the last moment and we got to go to Universal Studios and Disneyland on weekdays, so shorter lines all around! What didn't work out so well was the result. Last time we got four eggs and three fertilized. This time my eggs just weren't responding - I ended up on both Gonal-F AND Menopur, but it still wasn't working very well. Each ultrasound this time around was more painful than any I've had before because they just could not find my ovaries, especially the right one. I felt like an old school video game and the ultrasound wand was the joystick. I guess I was the little box the joystick stuck out of. Regardless, it was painful every time.

So retrieval date arrives and there are only two good-sized follicles. The doctor tried so hard - both medically and emotionally. He dug around finding smaller follicles and sucking the eggs out of them even though I'm sure he knew they were not mature enough. All in all he retrieved 5 eggs. Great, right? But no - the next day I found out that only 2 fertilized. I'm still waiting on the final report to see if any embryos made it to the biopsy stage. Last time out of three that fertilized only one made it, so I'm not feeling very hopeful. The other tough news is that I need to skip a month before the next retrieval because of stupid Christmas - bah humbug! As a Jew, Christmas has caused me no small amount of angst, and now the Christian-centric nature of our country is shutting down clinics right when I need my Day Three appointment. Just kidding -  I do love Christmastime - the lights, the music, the general spirit of excitement and love and joy - so I will forgive it and try to enjoy my month off.

Well, now I'm getting myself down. But the truth is, this egg retrieval gave S and I the opportunity to go to Disneyland and Universal Studios, specifically the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was incredible, and let me tell you - it is the best way to pass the 6-day wait for embryo results. The first two days anyway. But if anyone can afford it, I'd say do that for the whole two week wait and you'd be golden! Obviously I am an enormous Harry Potter fan and I swear I almost started tearing up when we walked into Hogsmeade (and I don't think the hormones had anything to do with it). It was also a blast to introduce S to Disneyland the right way - she'd only been once as a kid with native Californians who weren't that into it, so we did it right. Everything was decorated for Christmas, including my FAVORITE ride, the Haunted Mansion, which was completely redone with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. JOY!


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