Geminio! (or, Mini-IVF Take Two)


It has been a crazy month! One of the busiest months in recent memory, and also the first month in over a year that I had NO infertility-related appointments. I was traveling for three out of four weekends - each weekend if you count a day trip up Pike's Peak. This meant each work week was only three days long and I couldn't miss any of those hours for ultrasounds and blood tests so I had to put off the next egg retrieval round until it was all over.

So here we are! Cycle day 5 - two days into stims and I'm on the same protocol as last time, clomid and gonal-f. It's a relief because gonal-f is so much easier than menopur. It's not often that the easier thing is also the more effective thing! It's like when you go shopping and the cheaper jeans fit better than the expensive ones. The timing is also working out perfectly. I stopped my birth control with the goal of starting my period two days later, and I did. That has never worked before! That made the day 3 appointment on a light Friday and my day 8 appointment the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which I have off work. Then the day 11 appointment on a Saturday and hopefully an egg retrieval on a Wednesday so that S and I can take the rest of the week off to celebrate our second retrieval at Disneyland and, of course, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

In fact, all the dominoes falling into place makes me a little nervous. It can't possibly all go as perfectly as it seems like it will. But for now I am committing to enjoy each domino that falls precisely when and where I want it to fall.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! (or, egg retrievals are better when followed by Disneyland)

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