Creating a family through a carefully calibrated concoction of science and magic...

wedding rings resting optimistically in a box, not expecting infertility to be an issue.

Welcome to Magic Science Family. This is a fledgling blog about my wife's and my journey through infertility, to one day becoming parents - a long and emotional process that, so far, has required endless patience, clear and constant communication, a decent sense of humor, and the hard and soft sciences. To be honest, we're still waiting for the magic to kick in.

Our hope is that this blog becomes a resource for others taking a non-traditional path to family-building, in particular those in the LGBTQ+ community. There is a lot of information out there about infertility, and there are blogs and sites out there related to lesbian family-building. Not much exists for people at the intersections of those roads, and that is exactly where my wife and I live - and we know we can't be alone.